Importance of body exfoliation

How many of you do exfoliate your body?

Most of us exfoliate our faces but we forget the vitality of exfoliating our bodies.

It’s not only the benefit of smooth and youth looking skin but there is more to it.

Some of you might think if it’s really necessary to exfoliate the body, decide it at the end of this post.

The whole process of cell regeneration gets slow as we age. The skin cells starts to build up on the surface of the skin and end up with clogged pores and moisture block. This leads to body acne, large pores and spots.

With regular exfoliation, you remove the dead skin cells, which has been a barrier to new cells below it. This way the new cells are uncovered and your body products (body lotion, cream etc) penetrates deep into the skin.

Other benefits

  • Smooth and soft skin
  • Prevention of ingrown hairs
  • If you have had laser, it will help your hair to fall out faster.
  • Reduction in age and dark spots.
  • For men – its always better exfoliate before shaving as it helps in smooth razor bumps.


There are wide varieties of body scrubs starting from salt scrub to coffee scrub. You can choose according to your kin type and preference.

In addition to body scrub, you can also try dry brush or exfoliating gloves that can be used whilst bathing or showering.

Remember, over exfoliating can leave your skin dry, parched and irritated.


Is your body summer ready?

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