Review: Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

Dry sheet mask for hydration? How does it even work?

When I saw this product at the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Selfridges I really didn’t think its going to work, maybe another hyped product. But at that point I was dying for a hydration mask, as my skin needed a rescue from those entire chemical vapour at work. So I quickly googled on how it actually work and thought why not give it a try.

This textile sheet mask contains high potency active ingredients which hydrates, lifts and smooth’s the complexion. As it’s completely dry (no water involved), it doesn’t harbour bacteria and the mask is reusable for up to three times. This mask does give the results with a single use and an instant facial result.

The use is simple I just had to place it over the face, hook the top section over the ears and then pull up the bottom section and hook that over the ears too. The mask gets firm on the face and I continued with my work. The main step is to gently massage the mask to activate the ingredients.

When I started using it I didn’t feel any wet sensation and thought it wasn’t working. I waited for 20 minutes before removing the mask (although 15 minutes is enough). I just couldn’t believe the result, it left my face so hydrated and moisturised (that dewy wet look). I was so impressed with the result.

A single sheet mask costs £18 and for a pack of 4 its £60 and its still affordable and you can use the sheet up to three times.

After a use of three, instead of throwing it away I use it for small areas like lips, heel and elbow etc.

Get your beautiful skin by using this a few times a week, thus giving less maintenance and healthier skin.




5 thoughts on “Review: Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

    1. Yes you can use it three times because it’s dry and doesn’t carry any bacteria. It cost £18 but as you are using it thrice it comes down to £7 per use and it works quite affordable that way. It does what it says , u can buy the pack of one and try it first


      1. Haha i guess I’ve been spoilt off korean skincare brands! I love the innisfree sheet masks- the golden kiwi one is my fave! It always saves my skin after a bad breakout when I know I have somewhere to be the next day


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