Arrive fresh at your destination airport

The first time I went on a long haul flight, I noticed my skin dull and dehydrated when I arrived at the airport. That’s when I realized I needed a little extra planning on maintaining my skin at 30,000 feet.

The air humidity in plane cabin is usually from 5-20% when compared to 50% humidity that is typically considered comfortable for humans. The low humidity and high pressure in the cabin can reduce the oxygen supply to our skin. This leads to a greater concern to dehydration.

So this time I just tried a few steps before and during my journey and when I arrived the airport my skin looked fresh.

  • Drink as much water possible the day before flying as well as throughout the journey. This will keep your body well hydrated.
  • Try to avoid make up while flying as this causes the skin to dry out even more and leads to breakouts. A light powder or tinted SPF moisturizer would be good. Instead apply your little make up just before your arrival.
  • I gave my skin a head start by applying my favorite gold collagen hydrogel mask to moisturize the night before. Exfoliation and masks helps to enhance the skin.
  • It’s always difficult to avoid caffeine or alcohol inflight but both are major causes of dehydration. So I highly recommend fruit juices instead.
  • Keep applying moisturizer to your face and body now and then during the journey.
  • Stretch or move around frequently to promote healthy circulation and ensure proper blood flow throughout your body.
  • A big no to hair styling products instead hair oil will keep it from drying out and a wooden comb will prevent static electricity from affecting the hair.
  • Use your lip balm continuously to prevent lips from drying out and cracking.
  • For men I would suggest using shaving oil if you are shaving before your journey. Shaving oil will keep your skin well moisturized and prevent irritation and dryness.
  • Bloating can be avoided by not consuming processed food and food with high sodium content like cheese and cold cut meats.

This mini skin care routine will help your skin to appear fresh and vibrant when you land at your destination.

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