Review: Giorgio Armani Maestro UV skin defense primer

I’ve always had trouble with primers. It was pretty difficult to choose the right primer for my skin (its weird right). But then I finally found this life changing primer. I always loved foundations from GA but this primer took over all of it.

At first I wasn’t sure if this will work on me but why not give it a try. I was impressed with this before trying just because of its SPF content (now I can skip my daily SPF).

The bottle is exactly same as the Maestro foundation except the bottle isn’t transparent. This will protect the ingredients from sun and light keeping the SPF from premature expiry. The consistency is also same as the Maestro foundation but with a white tint. Once it’s applied to the face it disappears completely with no stickiness and trace.

What I like about this primer 

Other than its SPF advantage it does seem to blur out the imperfections. It does not hide but gives an even finish with a glow. It makes it easier and smoother for applying the foundation. This primer does lock the foundation to my skin and adds up its wear time.

This primer does not keep the skin matte.

I do wear this primer even without my makeup just to keep my skin look smoother. According to me, I cannot think of any way to make it better.





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