Go nude with makeup

Lets forget the no make up look and go nude.


We are hitting summer and summer means bright, neon makeup. From new products to the latest youtube tutorials it’s all about bold looks. But this summer it’s all about neutral shades. With nude make up, you will still look polished, enhancing your own skin tone an never appear you tried too hard.

“Nude makeup doesn’t have to mean a monochromatic, barely-there look-it means makeup that’s right for your skin tone.” – Bobbi Brown


Whether its true nude, brown nude or pink nude it’s all about picking the right colors that will complement your complexion instead of looking washed out. Read on to know how to rock this neutral look.




For neutral look there is one simple rule – keep the color to minimal. Use only the basic color such as pink, beige or peach. Choose a foundation with light texture and closest to your skin tone. Use a eyebrow pencil to make short strokes from the inner edge of your brow to the tail. Then use a brow brush to blend the color into brows so they look full and defined. First use a bronzer on cheeks and then apply a light tint of blush. When it comes to your lips go matching with your cheeks. A neutral lipgloss or natural coloured lipstick will be a better match. Enhance your eye with bronzer on the lids and lightly line the eye but go heavier with your lashes. Line your lower lid with brown liner and not black.


Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, and not change it. So keep your makeup as minimal and natural.




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