Men Alert: How to get the perfect hairstyle

I’ve been asked by one of my close friend, how to find and maintain the right hairstyle that will suit him. So here I am writing down few tips that men can actually follow. These tips might sound similar to what women do, but fortunately getting and maintaining your hairstyle is universal.


• Right barber

Choosing the right barber can be difficult but it’s the most important step to be taken. Without the right haircut u will struggle on styling your hair everyday. It might take time and you might have to visit couple of salons to find your right destination. Always try to have a good relationship with your stylist, cuz he/she can always advise the suitable style based on your head shape. When you are happy with the result, make sure you stick to the same stylist (going somewhere else could end up ruining your style). In the end get advice on the products for your hair.


• Shampoo and conditioner

Most of the men believe it’s unnecessary to use conditioner, which isn’t true. Using conditioner will smoothen the cuticles of your hair that leaves to a better finishing. This is why your hair looks perfect when u leave the salon. Make sure to use the right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type.


• Blowdry

When you want your hair to look good, towel dry isn’t going to help.  A good quality hairdryer with a nozzle will be easier to style your hair in the way you want. You might struggle using a hairdryer in the beginning but practice makes a man perfect.


• Style it

Once you are done blow-drying your hair, make sure u apply the appropriate product (like promade, wax, clay etc) evenly to roots to tip (this is to make sure your hair stays in place). Every product may not suit everybody. Ask your barber for the right product, as he is more familiar to the texture of your hair. This is to ensure you are styling your hair in the right way. Have an eye on how your barber styles your hair after the cut; it will be helpful to recreate it at home.


Try these four steps and I’m sure you will love your new haircut/style everyday. Sometimes you will have to step out of your comfort zone for a change, Afterall grooming is the most integral part of life.


Thank you and don’t forget to leave your comment/questions below.




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