Drugstore products that are worth buying

Not every product is worth a splurge.  As we all are beauty addicts, considering the fact that we need to own almost all the colors right from nail polish to lipstick, it all adds up easily.  Its not budget friendly to have an entire rainbow collection. This is when drugstore products come in play.

Its important to splurge on a luxurious product now and then, simply because we want to display big on our vanity which we hardly use. Sometimes its worth a buy but some products we are better off buying from the near by drugstore. How many of you have spent a lot on products that u sparingly use? Why not substitute them with drugstore products.

Most of the drugstore brands are owned by larger companies, so they use almost the same formula and technology as their parent brand.

I’ve personally tried and tested a number or drugstore products as well as higher end products. Many of these have been effective sometimes even better than the luxury ones. So in order to save money, I feel its better to buy the low cost products.


• Eyeliner/ liner pencil


Liners are the most used make up product today. So it tends to wear down quickly than any other products we use. This is why it makes no sense to spend so much on them. Its necessary to pick out the ones that doesn’t smudge and easy to use.

My ultimate favorite has been the L’Oreal super liner, which is easy to use. Its non-waterproof formula makes it easy for me to wipe off when I make mistake. For the liner pencil I use different ones in random (never loyal). I recommend the Maybelline gel liner for your lower lid.

 • Makeup remover & wipes

Simple Skincare Warm

Every women’s best friend has been the makeup wipes especially when we are lazy or when u travel. Just a wipe n poof make up gone. The easiest way for a clean face. Simple micellar makeup remover wipes is a good one to pick up from the store. This gives a clean face without removing the natural oils from the face.

 • Nail polish


How many of u have always wanted to own every single shade that matches all the clothes in your wardrobe? This is every women’s problem, buts its not budget friendly to own the rainbow. So it does make sense to buy a polish that last longer maybe with some gel effect. Every brand has its own technology but the main purpose is for it to last at least for 10-14 days. After trying most of the polishes, I prefer the Sally Hansen miracle gel. It truly lasts for 10 days and it does last longer with the topcoat.

 • Hair spray and mousse


This product comes in handy only when we curl or style our hair different from a day-to-day basis. The purpose is only to keep your style in place. So most of the hairspray and mousse does its job. Any spray with a flexible hold is better than firm hold (its gets sticky). I prefer the light hold mousse for my fine and straight hair.

  • Mascara


It is true that most of the drugstore mascara had been recommended from most of our make up artist. Ranging from lengthening to volumizing, there have been many brands that keep launching throughout the year. I don’t use mascara most of the time. To be frank I just use the ones that come free with every buy (lol!). L’Oreal had never failed in their mascara. For those who step out without false lashes, then your L’Oreal mascara will make up for it.

• Eyeshadow

new drugstore makeup reviews shadows

This is for my friends that are looking to build up their eye shadow collections in general. Nude and soft colors are essential for a start. A palette with essential colors and shimmering nudes as a baseline for a smokey eye is preferred. Brands like Makeup revolution, Milani, Cover Girl have some incredibly pigmented shades.

 • Lip gloss


All of us know that lip glosses go back in time due to the new sheen. Even though NYX does the best glosses. Not only mine but also an instagram fave. The butter gloss gives a non-sticky formula with high shine.


Many of these affordable products are as good as the luxury brands. For those who are starting with their basic make up or trying to to save up of cash, there is always an alternative – The drugstore products!


Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments/questions below.





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