Happiness of starting a blog

Hi friends and thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m very excited to start a fresh blog on beauty. As few of you are already aware of my environment blog, if not please do visit saksenaroadto3rs.wordpress.com. Keeping that aside I wanted to share few thoughts and opinions about makeup and fashion.

For those who are new to know about me, I do have a complete different view on fashion. Of course fashion means different to everyone but it’s an individual statement of expression and not other’s expectation. I do not follow today’s trend instead I create my own style (better to know what suits me).

But makeup its totally opposite, I loveeee makeup. Always keep my dressing table updated with it. I do not wear make up to mask my imperfection, it’s just to feel more confident and I like to experiment with looks and colors. Like said by Amy Winehouse “make up can make your insecurities or be used to enhance the bits you love the most”. I have also tried and tested a lot of products, which is why I wanted to start up this blog to review on them.

I hope to keep all of u updated as much as possible.

Thank you for your support and love!



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